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By quadrakid
This gull just looked a bit different than the gulls i am used to viewing.Possibly a Thayers gull? Thanks for your input.ImageImage
By Jeremy Gatten
I don't know if you care for hints, but note that the leg colour is yellow. This rules out Thayer's (now rolled into Iceland Gull, sadly), Western, Herring, and Glaucous-winged. It leaves Mew, Ring-billed, and California as the expected options. I believe you can figure it out from there based on bill pattern.

Good birding,
Jeremy Gatten
Saanichton, BC
By quadrakid
Thank you Jeremy.I should spend some time studying the local gulls.I tend to id mew gulls and bonapartes but lump the rest in as just plain gulls. Leg colour and bill marking and your help leads me to California gull. Hope i am right. Three field guides,i should get it.
By Jeremy Gatten
You got it - looking at bill pattern, leg colour, eye colour, mantle shade, primary (wingtip) colour/tone, and overall size is a solid foundation to gull identification.

Happy gulling,
Jeremy Gatten
Saanichton, BC
ID, please


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