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Pelagic vs. Brandt's Cormorants at Stanley Park
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Author:  zwest [ Oct 29 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Pelagic vs. Brandt's Cormorants at Stanley Park

I'm having trouble ID'ing some of the cormorants found around English Bay & 2nd Beach.

Leaning towards Brandt's on this one because of the faint tan patches, but in all the Brandt's photos I see it is much more prominent:

[EDIT] now thinking it's Juvenile Pelagic... tail looks quite long.


Is it possible for a Pelagic to have those faint little chin spots?

This second one is a poor shot, but I am guessing Pelagic due to the head/bill shape. Maybe the photo isn't good enough for a 100% ID.



Author:  whanem [ Nov 16 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pelagic vs. Brandt's Cormorants at Stanley Park

I'm no ornithologist, but I've spent a fair amount of time spying on the nest colonies under our bridges - both pelagics & double-cresteds on the 2nd narrows, pelagics only under the Burrard (normally) and Granville. I think you are correct in your ID. The light gular patch lasts awhile after they are fledged and flying.

It is not often one sees a cormorant rise with a fish not yet in the throat sleeve. That youngster may be just discovering the problem with starry flounders. I always find it kind of amusing to watch the struggle to get those down - I've seen an adult glaucous-winged gull, and a couple years ago a great blue heron, wrestle with the problem for many minutes. My gull ultimately succeeded, my heron did not, after having put in much more time trying.

Love the photos.


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