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Pink-sided Junco?

Posted: Dec 05 6:14 pm
by BirderBert
This one looked quite different! Pink-sided perhaps or a cross? or??
Abbotsford...Dec 5-2017

ImageJunco Unk1 by BirderBert, on Flickr

Re: Pink-sided Junco?

Posted: Dec 07 10:42 am
by northvanrob
I think closer to the Gray-headed Junco

Re: Pink-sided Junco?

Posted: Dec 07 12:34 pm
by LoganLalonde
I think the lighting is decieving in this image; it looks like a brightish female "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco. All the field marks are there for this subspecies, and Pink-sided would have a stark contrast in a black face mask to the head, as well as much more intense and a larger patch of peachy-pink on the flanks. Also there would be definition to the greater coverts and wing linings. Grey-headed is completely different and is very light grey overall with grey on the wings, black face mask, shield-like rufous mantle, and NO brownish colour on the flanks.

Re: Pink-sided Junco?

Posted: Dec 13 9:24 pm
by mcrosbie
It certainly is a lovely photo.