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A bushtit?

Posted: Jan 19 12:14 am
by mcrosbie
I think this is one of a group of bushtits. The photo is poor, but I think it is possible to confirm (or not) my ID.

ImageBushtit_2334 by mcrosbie, on Flickr

Re: A bushtit?

Posted: Jan 19 3:47 pm
by Owlet
Yes, I think the bird in question is a bushie as well!

The bird in the photo seems to have a long tail and seems to be the right color for a bushtit - the group activity sounds good as well. They also really like suet, which proves that it is a bushtit for sure.

Good Birding,

Re: A bushtit?

Posted: Jan 19 8:24 pm
by mcrosbie
Thank you. I am now going to remove this poor quality photo from my Flickr page.