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Please confirm Cooper's Hawk

Posted: Jan 29 8:25 pm
by Garym
I went out for a walk this afternoon, and found this guy in a vacant lot two blocks from home.
Sometimes you get lucky.
A bit of confusion between Cooper's and Sharp Shinned, but I believe this is a Cooper's
male because of the big head and light coloured nape.
He also has a fairly long, rounded tail.
I'd appreciate if someone could confirm or correct.
Gary Magnusson

ImageIMG_6599a by Gary Magnusson, on Flickr

Re: Please confirm Cooper's Hawk

Posted: Jan 30 5:25 am
by revs
A fairly long rounded tail is a good indicator for Cooper's hawk.
Size is another way to ID, Cooper's is roughly crow-sized while Sharp-shinned is jay-sized.

"The nape feathers on adult Cooper’s Hawks are lighter than the feathers on the top of the head, giving the bird a capped appearance. Adult sharpies have a dark blue-gray tone on both parts." ... nned-hawks

Nice shot by the way!

Re: Please confirm Cooper's Hawk

Posted: Jan 30 1:30 pm
by Garym
Thanks, Paul, That would definitely be Cooper's, then.