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There is a married couple of Glaucous-winged gulls with whom I became acquainted last summer on Granville Island. In February I never would have recognised them in their mottled greyish moult to summer plumage, if they had not recognised me, and joined me for raisin scrumpet at our spot. The bird in your bottom photo with the whitish breast, mottled head, darkened spot on lower mandible, has the look my g-w friends had until last week. At the end of February they seemed to have achieved full summer adult plumage (brilliant white head and breast, true glaucous on wings & back, red spot on mandible, red eye ring). I have only slight knowledge of our seagulls, but am getting to know a bit about Glaucous-winged gulls through this couple, their offspring, and another couple that nest on my apt roof.

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