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Shot at Swan Lake Dec 24.. Not a white balance issue. I've never seen one like this.. It's very beautiful.. but what causes this to happen. I have 2 photos. One just of the male and then one of female with the male in the background with cream colour clearly evident


This is just a guess - could it be a younger bird that hasn’t fully molted his baby plumage? Or possibly caused by the low light we are experiencing now?
I looked back at some of my pictures and while most of the males were bright white, 1 taken on Feb 24 a few years back had the same cream colour to him.
Like I said, just guesses, so who knows - 1 of nature’s anomalies?
Nice pictures btw.
I photographed one a couple of days ago near Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island and it too looks more cream colored than I am used to seeing. I would be inclined to think they enter a different phase of plumage as many species do in winter. Cheers Bruce

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