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Sure is! I am involved in the Young Birders Program for the IOC as part of the team organizing the young birder events. I will be leading the events along with 2-3 adult guides I have chosen. I will also be guiding some adult birding tours along with many other adult birders in the community.

We started planning the youth portion awhile back as you can see in this thread: ... 018#p74720

It will be a huge event for Vancouver and from the website link you posted you can see all the events and trips planned both local and international and the speakers and topics.

See you there Mario!

That is great. You plus the team of young birders will represent the community well.

I was looking at the website and there are some tours like the North Shore Tour, when I try to register my interest, it says I have to have an institution affiliation. Hmmm, maybe I will just wait till there are more details.
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