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By Wittys
Hello to all those who have tried to pry the centre cap off Zeiss Conquest HD binos, or found the tripod mounts too expensive or awkward....

I finally got some scrap 5/8" plywood from Home Depot, and with a couple of free cuts had a 3x4" rectangular piece. A 1/4" threaded insert from a hardware store, a drill, and a couple of ARNO straps (the straps that you pull against a toothed metal clip), and I have a stable platform for about $5, mounting to a standard tripod head (best with a damped video swivel, of course).

Adjustable to any binoculars, with the ability to adjust for interpupillary distance and focus. The only obstacle turns out to be one's nose and a cut-out in the platform might be handy!

Nowhere in the Youtube searching did I find something as simple as this DIY approach.

If this is helpful, great.
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