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Loons call in winter?

Posted: Mar 14 1:46 pm
by davidcalderisi
Helping a writer friend with some research. Can anyone here tell me if loons call in winter? For example, on a Christmas eve at Tofino, might it be possible to hear a loon? Most appreciative for a reply. Thanks.

Re: Loons call in winter?

Posted: Mar 15 1:00 pm
by Jeremy Gatten
Hi David,

Loons primarily call on their breeding territories, but it is not uncommon to hear them during migration windows in spring and fall, too. There is a call on xeno-canto (an online library of user-contributed sound recordings) from early January of a loon giving its dissonant wail call on a reservoir in Colorado, so it's not completely unheard to hear winter calls. It could be a Christmas miracle!

Jeremy Gatten
Saanichton, BC

Re: Loons call in winter?

Posted: Mar 31 12:42 am
by Robert
I heard one calling today. First time for me.