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Looking to purchase, something small, any recommendations?
Thinking of Opticron Oregon 4 LE WP 8x32
Pentax 62593 8x25

Criteria is: small, light, under $200.

Any help appreciated, thanks.
I know this is a thread from 2014. Don't know if I should revive this thread or start a new one. Anyways, I am looking to buy a pair of binoculars and am thinking of the Vortex Diamondback. ... e=UTF8&psc

Two questions:
1. Has anybody used it before or is there something else I should get instead.
2. Between the 10X42 and 8X42, which are both around similar weight, which one should I get?

I have been using a pair of Diamondback 8x42 for more than a year. Quite pleased with them and note that they are a fairly common out in the field. Don't try to compare them with the top liners, but at 1/5 to 1/10th the price they give a good view for the money. As to model, that is a personal preference: 8x will be brighter in low light, 10x gives a bigger image. If you only bird in fine daytime weather the brightness is not so relevant. If you tend to be a bit shaky the lower power may be the best choice. Most important: hold 'em steady!
I won a pair of 8x42 Vortex Diamondback binoculars around 5 or 6 years ago. At the time I had been buying and rather quickly destroying 10x42 Bushnell Legends - worst eyecups ever! I probably went through three in maybe 5 or 6 years. It was appalling, but they were around the price and quality that I wanted. I had hear murmurings about Vortex and their warranty, so I was quite taken aback when I won the 8x42 Diamondback bins at the Brant Festival up in Parksville. I knew their price point was a fair bit less than 10x42 Bushnell Legends, so I was shocked at how well they performed. I stopped taking out my pair of Bushnells immediately and the Diamondbacks became my go-to pair. If the optical quality wasn't enough already, you can imagine my surprise when I took those binoculars with everywhere I went for around 5 years before the optics slowly got out of alignment and were no longer sharp. I decided to treat myself to a pair of Vortex Razor 10x42 binoculars last fall (unfortunately just after our dollar tanked). I had intended to send my Vortex Diamondbacks in to test out the rather legendary warranty (which is starting to become more of a standard), but I didn't have time before my trip to Arizona. Well... my new Razors had one faulty part that broke, luckily on the last day of my trip just as I was about to head to the airport to fly home. Vortex was very good about the whole thing - I sent in both pairs of binoculars together, free of charge because the Razors were new and they understood I shouldn't be on the line to ship them. I received a brand new pair of Razors and a few weeks later I had my Diamondbacks back. The Diamondbacks appeared to get new lenses and a nice crisp realignment - impressively sharp for the price point! If you read reviews, you'll find they are regarded as a very solid value for money.

I have read that 8x42 is the way to go for the Diamondbacks - if you're getting 10x42, you should be getting better glass because you need extra light and clarity with the extra magnification. It seems like they discontinued the old style and now have a 2016 model, which might have made a bit of a price jump. There is a chance ordering them from the US might save you some money (as I see your link was rather than, but I am not sure what kind of hassle you're in for if and when you need to use the warranty.

I don't know if there is anything useful in all that I've written, but I think Vortex is a solid choice and the Diamondbacks are a great value.

Jeremy Gatten
Saanichton, BC
Like Jeremy I started out with similar optics then moved to the Vortex Crossfire and then the Diamondbacks 8x42 which are far superior and liked them a lot! I recommend 8x42 for birding as you have a larger field of view. Like Jeremy said vortex warranty is fantastic whenever I lose an eyecup cover or lens cover they send a new one and when I split my bins in half they sent me a brand new one! You can't beat that service!

You won't regret your purchase! Have a great one

I have a pair of Pentax 8x25 dcf-sw that I keep in my golf bag that are very compact and am quite happy with, but I wanted them extremely compact for my golf bag (or even my pocket when I golf!). I take my Nikon Monarch 10x42 anytime i travel.

Depends how compact you are looking :)
The Monarch 5 is a great binocular. Very sharp and bright. The focus mechanism is excellent.

I also have the small Pentax. For $100 they are pretty good. If you want really small they are about the best in that price range.
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