Greater Victoria, Gulf Islands, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and Centrial Island, Port Alberni, Tofino, North Island
The bird is now confirmed as a Purple Sandpiper.

More info can be found at the RBA regarding this sighting. ... a-dec.html

This is the first record for British Columbia and the second record for the Pacific Coast.

Congratulations to Jeremy Gatten on his spectacular find.

Yes there is indeed but only one from the Pacific Coast in the ABA :).

Thanks again.

I hope many, many people get to see this bird!

Here is one photo I got of the Purple Sandpiper yesterday at Kitty Islet.

ImagePurple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima) - Victoria, BC by Birdergirl, on Flickr

Great job on the Purple Sandpiper everybody..Have been watching the story unfold from here in Los Ayala Mexico.Would love to see that bird,but was lucky enough to Find a Purple Sandpiper 2 years ago in San Blas Mexico. Thinking it was a Rock Sandpiper the whole time which in itself is very rare south of bc, sending pictures to the local Bird expert,and guide,Mark Stackhouse got more pics and checked with more people and later confirmed it to be a Purple Sandpiper.So much fun!
On another Note,i took part in the San Blas CBC a few days ago, and was great with a count day/week of about 270 different speices.
Cheers From Los Ayala Nayarit Mexico
Ed Jordan
The PUSA was seen today at 9:45am by Graham Sunderland, Dale Jensen and Brian Stech at Kitty Islet. The bird was not seen the rest of the day after they watched it fly to Trial Island at 10:20am.

Here is a photo Brian Stech got of the bird today:

Photo used with permission*


Looks like a Pectoral Sandpiper to me..

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