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i am admittedly new to all of the aspects of provenance controversy.....
but i will say this - very fun to see these geese - and in all that i saw and observed they appear to be existing in a wild state.
I will go,check in and see them as much as my schedule allows.

Jody Wells
Here are some beautiful photos that Liron Gerstman got of the birds today:





All photos used with permission*

Congrats Liron again and good job on identifying these birds correctly! Very proud of you! Another BC Young Birder amazing us all once again! Sure hope I see these beautiful birds tomorrow!

Val George reports that at 12pm he had the PFGO in the distant field to the south of the white quanset hut on Dooley Rd.

At 3:20pm the PFGO were relocated by several observers in the field on Martindale Rd where they have been most days.

Map to the exact location is posted here: ... h-jan.html

There will be some crop protection (in the form of hunting), going on in the private land the geese frequent in the next few weeks. The farmer is aware of the Pink-footed Geese and doesn’t want them to be accidentally shot. It will be important to make sure that he knows where they are hanging out. The shooting may make these geese depart and therefore, if you are interested in seeing them, it will be best to do so as soon as possible.

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Thanks for sharing. And yes it is a good spot.