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that's good to hear. the Lochside Trail is 18 miles long, so if they are around Galey Farms area on Blenkinsop Lake, they have traveled towards town about 10(?) miles from Martindale Flats.
Hi Cheryl,

Here is where Mike stood on Lochside Trail to view the geese from the Blenkinsop Trestle:

Here is a map to where the geese were feeding in the fields:

The geese were not there later in the afternoon when he checked so the flock is moving around.

Multiple observers had the PFGO today. The birds were relocated in the field north of St Margaret's School in Victoria. Please do not enter school grounds from Mon-Friday during school hours. At 3:15pm they flew from the school and were last seen in the north field of Galey Farms at 4:15pm. Galey farm is located at 4150 Blenkinsop Rd in Victoria.

Here's an eBird checklist with some photos from today:

CTV also picked up the story today and filmed the geese and interviewed Ann Nightingale about it. You can read the story here: ... -1.3271523

Or, head to the 6m 45s mark of the 6 p.m. news here: ... tPageNum=1

Hopefully the news link will work, but I am not sure how long it will stay functional.

Good birding,
Jeremy Gatten
Saanichton, BC
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