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Author:  hawker [ Mar 04 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RBA: PINK-FOOTED GEESE in Saanich

Well that explains it!

Also I did not relocate them. I found a small flock of Duskies but no Greater White fronts or the Pink Footed Geese. Is the location the same as the map Jody provided? I just didn't want to be looking in the wrong spot. I can take another peek for them in the early am before the ferry.

Author:  Owlet [ Mar 04 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RBA: PINK-FOOTED GEESE in Saanich

birdergirl wrote:
Ted and Louise Joiner reported seeing the PFGO at 11am today. The Geese were in the second field behind the fence at Blenkinsop Lake, off the Lochside Trail south of Lohbrunner Rd where the pavement ends and turns into gravel. The birds were in a mixed flock with Greater White-fronted and Dusky Canada Geese.


Hi Mel, do you know the exact coordinates of the area it was last sighted? I am having some trouble trying to find it on Google Maps. We may be heading over there next weekend for the Redwing, PFGO, Skylarks and the American Black Duck?

BTW, is there any tips in seeing the Redwing, Skylarks, Black Duck and the PFGO? I know the Redwing is around 3957 South Valley Drive, but that's it.

Thanks, Adam :D

Author:  birdergirl [ Mar 05 12:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RBA: PINK-FOOTED GEESE in Saanich

Hi Camille and Adam,

The PFGO in Victoria were not relocated by anyone (to my knowledge) after the initial report from 11am.

The location for the PFGO in Victoria today is the exact same spot they have been seen before. I wrote Galloping Goose Trail but actually it was on the Lochside Trail. So I have edited that now.

Here is a GPS map: ... shorturl=1

Camille, the parking is along Lohbrunner Rd but make sure you are pulled all the way over as there are farm vehicles.

Adam all the tips for those locations you are requesting are under the threads of the specific birds you are requesting under the Vancouver Island section but feel free to email me privately if you want any more specific help ok :).


Author:  Owlet [ Mar 05 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RBA: PINK-FOOTED GEESE in Saanich

:D thanks mel!

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