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Red-winged Blackbird - behaviour

Posted: Apr 02 10:06 am
by Mike
I've been seeing Red-winged Blackbirds at my feeder daily for a couple of months now. I'll have up to 6 at a time. Most of the time (70 to 80%) there are just males, sometimes (20 to 30%) there are only females and occasionally (say 10%) there are both male and female.

Are these observations just coincidence, or is there something about their behavior that causes this apparent gender segregation? Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? I've never had Red-winged Blackbirds at a feeder before, so their behaviour is new to me.


Re: Red-winged Blackbird - behaviour

Posted: Apr 22 6:58 pm
by mcrosbie
I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but other species of birds seem to behave this way (juncos and chestnut-backed chickadees).

Re: Red-winged Blackbird - behaviour

Posted: Apr 23 10:27 am
by gromit
I have had lots of them come to my feeder the past few months, not previously. Males mostly....I have black oil sunflowers in it. Previously they would show up with starlings, but not this year, thankfully!