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Hi All,
I am visiting a friend in Cobble Hill for a week in early May and I am totally unfamiliar with the area. I was hoping I could get some information here on good places to go take some photos of the birds in and around Victoria. Ducks and everything else are fine with me :)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I shot this Belted Kingfisher near my home in Salmo, BC

Usually Kings Pond, at the end of Ascott Road off of Cedar Hill x-road has Wood Ducks, as does Mystic pond in Cadboro bay...

if you are looking for warblers and a very good variety of bird species, the powerlines around munn road and prospect lake road are fantastic. Here is the link to the hotspot on e-bird. ... sortBy=spp

There is a pond by the powerstation that is good for a number of species. Also you can dip into Francis King part in any number of areas to get some species that are more typically forest dwellers. The powerline swath is great for some sparrows, macgillivray's, orange-crowned warblers, woodpeckers, especially red-breasted sapsuckers listen for the distinct drumming pattern), purple finches, willow flycatchers, black-headed grosbeaks, plus fly-overs of raptors and others. The surrounding forest is great for other species such as hutton's vireo, black-throated grey and townsend's warbler, olive-sided flycatcher, etc. Check out the bar-charts on the ebird link. I am just listing these off the top of my head. I love this spot because you get a great variety of birds and can get all of the breeding warblers and vireos. There is usually a pair of Cassin's vireos around the Francis King Park nature house, or on the swamp trail across the road.

Good luck!
Hi Monte,

If you will be based in Cobble Hill, I suggest Cowichan Bay in Duncan would be a close location to visit.

While touring Victoria, here are some places I would suggest:
  • Clover Pt. and the Dallas Rd. Breakwater and Beacon Hill Pk. (Goodacre lake area)
  • Swan Lake
  • Panama Flats
  • Viaduct Flats
  • Francis King Park / Pike Lake Powerlines Munn Rd.
  • Esquimalt Lagoon at low or incoming tide.
When traveling to and from Victoria, check out:
  • Goldstream Provincial Park for: Red-breasted Sapsucker, Pacific Wren, American Dipper, and hummingbirds at the nature centre.
  • Goldstream heights, Spectacle Lake for 'quiet birding' where you will find many of the warblers, vireos, and flycatchers.
Explore eBird for further hotspot information ... &yr=all&m=

Good Birding,
Going north you have
there is a nice walkway onto the marsh. Parking lot is off highway 19 and then a stopping area before you get to the BC Forest Discovery Centre.

We drove down Drinkwater where there is a fishing wharf, not much luck with birds but a good view of the lake.
Great washrooms at the BC visitor centre
Just to add a note to Kevin's great list
That Goldstream Heights can be good for Sooty (mostly) and Ruffed Grouse

Jody Wells

PS Victoria Golf Course very early morning can have mixed shorebirds on the greens including Whimbrel and Marbled Godwit.... check on ebird to see if a flock has been recent there when you are thinking of checking...
Ok, now it is the middle of JUNE, soon I will be visiting near the University in Victoria. I will have only one chance for a couple of hours only of birding while we are there, what is the favorite place? I can't walk too far so no big hikes please, always enjoy being near the water, I will have a car to get there. Looking for suggestions . . . just one favorite place.
Here's some good bets for June Birding around UVic with easy walking:

Dallas Rd. waterfront, stop at Clover Pt. --- best for easy viewing of seabirds and gulls
Turkey Head / Oak Bay Marina (view to Chain islets eco reserve -- mass of gulls)
Cattle Pt. / Uplands Park.
Mt. Tolmie (for mainly summer residents and the wonderful view)
Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary

Good Birding,

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