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By accordionboy
I saw them on Aug 6, but didn't have my camera. There were 2. Went back Aug 7 with camera and they were gone. Also saw the sole Trumpeter Swan on the lagoon. The Mutes have been culled (butchered!)

Kildale wrote:The marbled godwit that I posted yesterday for ID, was still down at the Esquimalt lagoon today.Image
By accordionboy
On both Aug 6 and 7, 2017 I was told by various long term residents and serious birders at the lagoon that the swans had been killed because they were an invasive species.. Some didn't know who did it (some thought some locals), others thought it was the wildlife management services. I've googled to try to find out more. But at least 5 different people (environmentalists, local residents, birders) told me they had been kill. Their necks broken and chopped off.
mcrosbie wrote:How did you learn that the Mute swans had been culled (butchered)? Who would do that?
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