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By Labboy
An additional portion of the corn field was cut at the farm next to Maber Flats today. This made it easier to spot the collared Cdn geese that are part of the Univ of Van Is study. Their collar series is black on white, numbered 001 to 400, ending in P. I managed to read eight - reported to the Univ site. There was also a 125F black on white in the corn. The cut grain field SW of Wallace/Keating had a collared Cdn goose, black on white 053T (also seven white fronts in that field that have been there for a while) and, the small cut grain field at the bottom of Maber Rd, had a collared Cdn goose, black on white 009F. As more crops are harvested the collared birds will be easier to report.
By JodyWells
Thank you "Labboy" for you observations, efforts and reporting
Thank you for bringing up the “reporting bands” topic.

This is a timely thread to put on folks "radar" as migration/over wintering season is upon us.
You perhaps may already know all of this regarding neck collars on Canada Goose but i will outline a few bits of info for those who do not.

Of the “Black on White “ collars as far as i know only the P series is to be reported to the Vancouver Island University

The others can be emailed to (F,T,M & K series)
(John M. Cooper, RPBio at Cooper Beauchesne and Associates Ltd)

All others including
White on Red neck collared Canada Geese
Should be reported to
Which is the joint Canada-USA site.

Your birds 053T & 009F are regulars around Maber area. Before this season none of the P series birds were reported South of Nanaimo – other that a single individual in Duncan last year.

Of the P series banded in at the end of June this year, by the end of July at least 8 were reported at the southern end of Puget Sound.

My first wave of P series in Brentwood Bay – Maber Flats area was week of August 19th 2017 – 8 birds

Below are a few notes on CANG we are likely to see here on the Saanich Peninsula
White on Black Neck Collars
T birds are from Craig Bay, Parksville banded in 2012
F Campbell river in 2015
P from Nanaimo in 2016 and 2017
M are from the Englishman estuary in 2010
K from Little Qualicum in 2010

White on Red Neck Collars
Canada Goose CANG* (Branta Canadensis occidentalis)
"Dusky Race “Canadas” which nest in Alaska.(Most over-wint'ring in our area are from near "CORDOVA, VALDEZ-CORDOVA CENSUS AREA, ALASKA, USA)

Many (perhaps a few hundred)winter over on the Saanich Peninsula (Most around Martindale Flats) .Spotting Scope is often/usually necessary to get band numbers on these guys.(as well as leg bands on Black Brant)

Those reported through
will get a detailed report

Through these reports i have learned that 9XY & 9YX , 2 geese that are regulars overwintering around Martindale flats were hatched in 2004 or earlier.A few of my favorite reports are of a Caspian Tern hatched in Alaska.... as well as a Black Brant hatched in Northwest Territories that was over 20 years old at the time of my sighting.

Jody Wells
Brentwood Bay

ImageReports Result Sample Collage by Jody Wells, on Flickr

Image‘Tern’ed Out Surprising by Jody Wells, on Flickr

Imageposted as an encouragement to try to take the time to record and report band numbers by Jody Wells, on Flickr ... May-RmJMRJ ... Tsy-A6tc4K ... Tsy-A6tc4K
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