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Rufous hummingbird has returned to my feeder this week, how wonderful! Lots of Anna's year round.
Also, very confused robin today is attacking own reflection in cathedral windows. Have closed blinds and taped up paper on windows but HE is determined to battle his own reflection.....I've read up about it and this is common spring behaviour for male robins....I played some hawk calls to him but he isn't deterred....
I am in new home by Prospect Lake and hope to add to my 50+ species list from previous home near Beaver Lake.
Happy Spring, all!
congrats on moving to a little piece of nature's paradise! (your profile is Saanich now?) Prospect Lake seems to be a fly-way for Rufous. You are so lucky! I remember a few years back, the owner of the B&B there had something ridiculous like 25 Rufous hummingbirds show up at her many feeders in one day, challenging the Anna's.
had that same experience of a different bird bashing its head against Nature House's window at Swan Lake last year. I have no idea how one gets them to stop.
hope you do a little night birding around Prospect Lake; you're in for a pleasant surprise for your new species list! Keep us posted.
Just as a side note, it's pretty amazing what the Steele family has done with the old Prospect Lake Golf Course: it's now a Power to Be site offering nature-based programs for youth & families in need. The lease to the entity is $1 a year for 25 yrs, renewable for 25. It means that area is basically preserved as a sanctuary.
Thanks Ogopogo.
I have the bard owl, and screech on my list but would love to see a barn owl here....
Yes, I guess the power to be property can be considered a park-like sanctuary, and no more groomed, pesticide golf course...the neighbourhood is very quiet. We have a flock of doves here, I know they are introduced but it's cool to watch them eat the arbutus berries in the fall. Ring-necked I think?

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