Greater Victoria, Gulf Islands, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and Centrial Island, Port Alberni, Tofino, North Island
Feb 2_2018 Fri-the first relatively nice day after a string of rainy days, the "atmospheric river". 10 degrees, sunny breaks, the wind did blow SW 39-50km in the afternoon but there was lots to see and 5 other well-known birders out there.
Walked out the Galloping Goose and saw a single Red-throated Loon on the Gorge
At Swan Lake, the Red-tailed Hawk was in his usual cottonwood tree just down the little dip 200 yards in from the Saanich Hall entrance. After I took several shots, he flew to another cottonwood 50 yards away.
The whole area is seriously flooded, including the E entrance to the long bridge, so I had to walk around on Lancaster Rd. There are still 6 Ruddy Ducks close to the bridge diving for pumpkinseed sunfish or whatever. They are attracted by the clicking of cameras, supposedly because they click across the water on take-off.
Double-crested Cormorants were also fishing. Lots of Scaup & Ring-necked. a heron in the reeds and another at Tuesday Pond.
At noon, the male Bald Eagle landed on the female in the fluffy douglas fir with one bare branch near Nature House, a lot of high pitched screeching and wing flapping. At 2pm he came in legs down like a helicopter to try again but the winds were too high and that attempt was a bit of a mash-up. A look of chagrin and a lot of Eagle chatter followed. 18 Cedar Waxwings feasted on Hawthorn berries. No sign of the Barred Owl or Merlin on the nature walk list. 4 Steller's Jays over by Tuesday Pond and one Juvenile sitting waiting in a bush over by the GG exit. saw the Yellow-rumped Warbler (there's also a Myrtle) over at the East Wharf. A volunteer was collecting moss for the amphibians' beds and 5 volunteers were removing vines. Nice to see some birders out. Good weather coming.

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