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I just had a red-shafted northern flicker come to my feeders today. He sat on the railing and made several attempts to access the feeder, but a Eurasian starling was competing with him. I also think the setup I have right now isn't ideal for flickers. He eventually gave up and flew away. I had a bit of mercy on the starlings this morning, as it is so cold and it snowed again last night in Courtenay. I really don't like this invasive specie, but I allowed them to eat from the seed cake this morning for a few minutes.

The usual juncos and towhees are here this morning. I'm sure the regular chickadees will arrive later today.

A new appearance this morning was a song sparrow.
suet cakes are a favorite of the flickers. I used to feel much the same way about the starlings but no longer do. Think of them as an introduced species as opposed to an invasive species.Stop and look at a starling closely,they are quite beautiful. The brits loved them,thats why they got introduced.

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