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By ogopogo
1. the Eagles mated March 17 & are at the nest daily (Children's Playground)
2. the Herons are putting final touches on their nests and keeping their eyes on the Eagles.
3. the hired Cdn Geese chasers were in today with their yippy dog, throwing white bags on ropes out into Goodacre Lake. it worked. there wasn't one bird or duck on the lake anywhere.
4. over in the Zoo, Daisy the pig gave birth to 7 wee piglets this morning. It took her one hour. I happened by at the right time and they allowed me to hop over the fence and take some shots of the 2 hr old piglets frolicking under the heat lamp.
5. the Varied Thrush attacked by crows on Saturday was taken to Wild Arc in Metchosin by one of the Zoo staff (bless their hearts).
6. the crows are building a nest in the holly tree near the turtle log
7. the Red-eared Slider turtles are out every day.
8. there are Owls around (Barred & Horned) if you know where to look.
9. lots of Anna's nests, a few Warblers, Pacific Wrens etc
if pigs fly...can i post one?
IMG_4242SevenZooPiglets2hrOld by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
omygod so lucky of you, to be there. Pigs are so intelligent, its as though people just have a stereotype, and don't realize how intelligent these animals are. They have such High Iqs, and wisdom.

Thank you very much for the update of whats going down there! I believe Spring has finally sprung, and all the birds will be coming here soon, im so excited.
Mar 27 Thurs 6pm the Peregrine Falcon was hunting in the SE Woods along Cook St. I saw him fly by the Cook playground and he landed in a 75' tree. after a few minutes, the crows came along and chased him to a tree further into the woods.
(footnote on Daisy: one of the piglets died the first night, a black one. not sure what happened but the Farmer and his 2 sweet daughters came in to console her and give her some loving pats.)
IMG_4819PeregrineFalcon6pm by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
March 30 Sunday 4pm-that small flock, about 10 American Goldfinch (and an interested COHA) were back in the Park on Southgate where the path from St Anne's crosses, by the road border of Fawn Lilies. They were pecking evening grubs out of the moss in the Garry Oak trees.
Monday Apr 7 Beacon Hill Park
-the ground was strewn with broken heron eggs, some with yolks, under the huge Sequoia by the stone bridge. the resident Eagle was cruising overhead as was the Peregrine Falcon and a COHA. the competition has started.
-several Yellow-rumped Audubon's Warblers in the Oak trees East of the flagpole
-the Anna's hummingbird is feeding 2 chicks in the lone Cherry tree in SE woods
-3 Bushtit nests are receiving their final touches
-lots of Spotted Towhees, some small. either new hatch or Juveniles
-Momma Pig and piglets were sent back to the farm (she was too nervous), replaced by a domesticated pink Pot-bellied pig who is just a hoot. Very animated, loves dogs and the camera attention.
-wild flowers abound in the woods. chocolate lilies, the first Camas, Ocean Spray, wild pink ground flowers, Salmonberry
-the GHOW pair (Harry & Sally) are resting in the cedars having bumped Missy the Barred Owl out of the woods.
IMG_6962Anna'sfeedingtime by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
Wed Apr 9th 3pm. a third invader Bald Eagle showed up at the nest tree today. both female and male resident Eagles were up chasing it around. lots of Eagle chatter. the female sticks close to the nest now, so the male ended up chasing the invader out of the Park, twice.
score: Jan invader killed. Mar 17 invader and Apr 9 invader chased away.
Mating occurred Mar 17th so we should have eggs in the nest soon.
Here is the female looking quite anxious for her mate to return.
IMG_7136anxiousfemale by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
Monday April 14
-Bald Eagle pair arrived 3pm, grabbed a heron nestling, circled around and both landed in the nest (Children's Playground) to eat dinner together. Same routine and time every day. at 3:30pm, they flew off towards Ogden Pt where they sit on the large light standard at the Cruiseship location to watch the sun set. no eggs laid yet.
-Anna's Hummingbirds on the nest. following 3 pair in the SE woods.
a)cherry tree 7', feedings every 15-20 minutes, chicks are 11 days old
b)Indian plum bush, 6', sitting eggs, swaying in the 49 km gusts tonight.
c)thin bottom branch of cedar tree at end, 5'. two eggs in the nest.
-Barred Owls-noon, heard hooting (softer than the Horned) and found the original adult female (Loveheart) 50' up in Douglas Fir being harassed by crows. Must have been her mate (Jake) back behind the manure pile. I'm surprised the GHOWs left the woods today to the Barred, perhaps because it's the Barreds' time to nest.
-various Warblers in the Garry Oaks past & behind the Zoo.
IMG_7972Eagles&heronnestlingkill318pm by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
IMG_7985Anna'sEggsNest9@cedar by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
crack! Nest 9-one chick broke through its shell today, and stretched a few minutes later. my friend got that shot but Mom came back to the nest, so we left her in peace. found Nest 10 on a back path cedar at 4'. she is sitting on the nest but there are no eggs yet. 4 of the nests are at various stages in the SEW.
heard the Barred hooting at 2pm.
IMG_8028Anna'shatchedApr15 by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
Apr 16 Wed, rain drizzle.
-Red-breasted Nuthatch pair are putting final touches on nest hole in stag tree just above heron's Scotch Pine rookery.
-Eagle female flew into nest with lunch at 106pm, killed it and carried it to top of perch tree, calling male, who didn't show up while I was there.
-Anna's Nest 9 Day 2-second baby hatches.
-Anna's Nest 5 Day 13-chicks have tails.
-Anna's Nest 8-female sitting nest
-Anna's Nest 10-no eggs yet
-some Warblers, no Owls seen or heard today 2-3pm
url= ... 904906163/]Image[/url]
IMG_8106Anna'sNest9firstdayApr16 by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
IMG_8066RBNuthatch_f by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
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