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Nov 15, 2016-Beacon Hill-Checker's Pavilion demolished today
1:22pm-Harlan's Hawk in his favourite tree on Dallas Rd below the flagpole.
did a nice tail fan showing his white tail.
1:30pm-he flies to the Lekwungen (LeKWUNG-en) reburial rocks after a mouse, comes up empty and flies to Scotch Pines west of flagpole
2:50pm-he flies to douglas fir in fenced square in SEW (south-east woods) by totem pole, then heads over the Park across the Eagle's nest and west towards the Breakwater.
No Owls seen today but did find a dead rat along the back fence where the Barred hangs out. American Black Duck still on Fountain Lake. White Spring crocus blooming there, also on the edge of the Park at Heywood & Southgate a Chinese Cherry tree is in bloom (usually doesn't happen until at least Jan 30th). one heron.
3:05pm-COHA adult hunting in Park exit path tree near Quadra & Southgate
Thanks for the beautiful Bewick's Cory. I watched your patience in coaxing that little bird into the perfect shot! Vancouver birders always seem to find a new bird in BHPk. I'll be looking for that White-throated Sparrow! So nice to meet you too.
Next Tuesday should be sunny, clear and cold if you're looking for a good day to fulfill that list of places you wanted to check out. While you were heading over to Clover Point, I watched the resident Bald Eagle pair hold court in the SEW. The female was very vocal on the totem pole as the male flew in and landed on a nearby tree. The crows were going a bit nuts, so I half expected to see an invader eagle but nothing materialized. The Eagles sat there for an hour, then the male continued hunting up to the Breakwater and back.
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The White-throated was seen in the rock garden, close to where the robins like to bathe. There wasn't much at Clover Point:) Too dreary at Cattle Point to shoot the Turnstones and Oystercatchers. Now if I had only read about the Tropical, was so close in my drive around town:)
Looking forward to my next Victoria trip, love Beacon Hill Park!!!
Dec 3, 2016-spent a few hours in the Park. crows chased the Peregrine Falcon off the Eagle nest tree. Eagle flew across later. found Mom Barred in SEW. met three lady birders with binocs and showed them the American Black Duck. 5 heron were back this week but left. 6 Hooded Mergansers on Goodacre Lake. lots of Pacific Wrens, Bewick's Wrens, Kinglets, Flickers, Anna's. the Camellias are blooming like it was Spring, the holly trees are loaded with berries and look very festive. at night, the fountains are lit red and green.
This is the Harlan's Hawk from Nov on Beacon Hill and a couple videos of Barred Owlet male "Angel" (born Apr 1) from May 25th eating a mouse whole and at 4 mo Aug 2 downing a dragonfly.
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Dec 19, 2016-Barred Mr has returned to the SEW. He and the Mrs were hooting up a storm @1:17pm from douglas firs about 40' apart. (got some good video; I'll see if I can post it.) As mentioned in the Owls thread, we lost the 2 male owlets to poisoned mice mid-late Nov (one found in James Bay, the other in Fairfield). Dad took the female owlet out of the SEW in October to another territory and has just returned himself for another season.
Met a woman today who lives 2 houses in on Woodstock off Cook (a block from Dallas Rd, the ocean and across the street from the woods of BHPk). She had that male Snowy Owl in her back yard the second week of Dec 2015 at 7pm. I assume it was in the Recycling Compound in SEW and crossed the street. So, it traveled from Colquitz River Park, was seen 4 blocks east at a chicken coop, landed on top of Uplands Mall for a little press, headed downtown to the Park, dropped by the Woodstock house, and probably went along the water towards Cattle Point where the little female was seen last year.
Dec 18-COHA juv playing catch me if you can games with the crows on the Park road to SEW.
Dec 17-Christmas Bird Count 2016 was done in snow. Beacon Hill Park zone leader Mary Robichaud reports 73 species counted, a really good showing for Douglas St East, the Park, the south-east woods (SEW), Clover Point, and up to Government House. Total Victoria zones had approx 130 species reported for 2016 compared to our all Canada winning number of 141 species in 2015.
and some flashback photos of the Barred family born Apr 1, 2016, Mom praising the female owlet for successfully branching early May. owlet Angel may have survived the poisoned rats. one owlet is back in Squirrel Alley chasing squirrels.

Jan 6, 2017-Good news. Found owlet rascal Pete alive and well out at Holland Point today. Had to search 3 areas but finally found him peeking out from behind a tree with vines.

Jan 14-Northern Shoveler skating around the ice on Goodacre Lake pecking the ice in hopes of reaching the frozen things he saw in there.
Both Barred owlets seen, Kingfisher chattering around Goodacre, a Pacific Wren on a rock warning us away from his chosen tree near squirrel alley, posed for shots.
American Black Duck still on Fountain Lake.
Lots of American Goldfinch at that feeder on Southgate & Quadra.
Jan 18-fog rising off the ice at Goodacre Lake. Mom Barred in SEW, Bald Eagle on totem, Eurasian Wigeon on Fountain Lake, Lesser Scaup on Goodacre. Owlet in squirrel alley.
a new female Barred arrived in late Dec, Fancy. a potential mate for Pete.
A few days ago, the Eagle pair was sitting on the Douglas St cottonwood warding off an invader male. lots of Eagle chatter.
Feb 1-Yellow-rumped warblers at Holland Pt in bushes past Harrison Pond.
Feb 19, 2017 Sunday-not a lot to report from Beacon Hill Park unless you want to get a shot of the first daffodils in bloom (small meadow across Dallas Rd & to the left of Mile 0 sign) or the crocus field beginning above Goodacre Lake. quiet for birds. only 5 heron; they should start their nests in March but everything seems later this year.
Found Barred "Angel" (born Apr 1, 2016) sleeping in a cedar out at SEW and Mom Barred hooting to him at 2pm.
Two year old Barred "Tuffy" (Apr 24, 2015) was entertaining tourists in front of the Bay Centre down on Douglas St Saturday with crows chasing him around. He has done very well in his downtown territory on Yates St & Market Square.
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