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Beacon Hill Park-Fountain Lake 2:30pm. found the American Black Duck noted as rare in the West on e_Bird (but fairly common central to East). Has a pretty violet coloured wing patch (see bit in video) and in flight, shows flashing white wing linings. Yellow bill male (this one a male); dull green bill in female (didn't see one). Feet red or brown (it was floating). Hybridizes with Mallard.
Perfect day for looking for a duck. Mild 11 degrees, steady rain, gusting wind! (had my polka-dot rubber boots on and my umbrella blew inside-out a couple times but I found it after perusing 75 Mallards on Goodacre Lake first!) Maybe someone with an SLR can get some good shots of its violet wing patches while preening.

IMG_0644AmBlkDuckYbill_m(FtnLk) by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
Was walking through the SEW..when these two flew in screatching away.
really hard to get a decent theyre a bit noisy. The Eagles were so high up you had to be far back..but there was a lot of trees and branches/bushes in the way.


he looks downright mean! (great shots though). I was just ahead of you and heard the ruckus. thought maybe a rogue had come into the Park. the previous pair were so loving. maybe this is a takeover, a new male mate(?) Met a fellow at GH who said this same pair were on top of the Sequoia at Moss & Richardson yesterday, having one heck of an argument. If it was a totally new pair, they would have been chased out of the Park by the regular pair. Should be an interesting Spring with these two.
the lady Kingfisher now has a mate! he is flying noisily up and down Goodacre Lake establishing territory.
saw the American Black Duck again on Fountain Lake. he is pretty aggressive too, chasing Mallards who had bits of bread a kid was throwing out and biting the ones who got in his way.
a Varied Thrush was up in the trees behind the Zoo.

IMG_1315BeltedKF_m(Pk) by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
Nice find Cheryl! You can see the red head wonderfully!

Went looking with Ilya on sat for the common redpolls at Reifel but came up empty even after we found a flock of siskins. I'm feeding nyjer so hoping they drop by as well this year.

I hope many in your area get to see yours, then send him to Vancouver :lol:

All the best,

BHPk Goodacre Lake Mon Feb 16 noon-Peregrine Falcon scouting at tree near turtle log. Dead Ring-necked Ducks killed two days in a row, in the manner of this falcon ie head severed at spinal column. Remains on ground. This is the Peregrine's egg laying time.
Hi guys, I've been lurking on the forum for awhile, but decided to sign up. Just wanted to let everyone know ( If you don't know already) there are two barred's in the SEW right now. Maybe mom and dad from last year?. I've only seen one, but have heard both talking back and forth. Rollerblading photo man that makes the gun sounds was there today as well....annoying!
Anyway, Can anyone I.d. this one, is it one of the parent's or maybe Cappy?

ImageBHP B Owl 2 by Selena Rhodes Scofield Photography, on Flickr

ImageBHP B Owl 6 by Selena Rhodes Scofield Photography, on Flickr
Selena its Chelsea! :)
You're pictures are absolutly stunning. I LOVEEEE the first one.
Just perfect..and so different when they're down on the tree.
I sent you a message on fb.

So excited for this upcoming season!

I am not very good at ID'ing the owls. Cheryl is.
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