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By birdergirl
Tom Plath saw the Blue Jay today at the same location!

Thank you so much Keith for your kind message the young children with their passion and enthusiasm for nature really give me such hope for the future of birding and nature conservation.

Hey Josh, good ol' Blair glad he found that Jay he's pretty predictable he returns there every year :wink: so I wish I had special powers but I don't!

By LoganLalonde
Yesterday, I tried for the Blue Jay with my local birding friends Kathy N. and Richard K., and we had terrific looks at the beauty for over an hour! It flew back and forth, from the base of one of the homeowners feeders, to the trees nearby, and back. The jay would snatch three or four large nuts in its mouth from the feeder, then quickly dash off to the trees and stash the nuts. Once in a while, it would sneak a bite of the nuts itself.

Here is my series of the jay :

Blue Jay with nuts in mouth

Blue Jay on the ground, underneath the feeder

Blue Jay in the snow

Blue Jay on a Douglas Fir branch

Good birding, everyone! :D

By LoganLalonde
keithric wrote:Nice work, Logan! :D
Good to have the behavioural description, too.

Were the flock of Steller's Jays still there, too?

Surprisingly, the Steller's Jays were not in sight; they must have been working another area while we were there. However, as we were about to leave, we could hear the jeering of two approaching jays in the distance.
By LoganLalonde
The Blue Jay was seen again at the spot on Saturday by Chris Charlesworth and multiple other observers. Yesterday, Daniele Mitchell and I saw it again, and he had a Hoary Redpoll a few minutes before I arrived; a great bird for the Okanagan. :D

Good birding!

By Matyas13
Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if there's been any sightings of the BLJA as I plan on checking on it this weekend?

By birdergirl
There is a Blue Jay that has been coming to a feeder since Nov 10th at 11274 Mimac Road, off Pretty Road in Lake Country. The bird is still present as of today.

If you go to view this bird please park on the road, walk up the driveway and go to the corner of the car port, going into their backyard. Their feeder is at the southwest corner of the house which you can see from that corner of the car port.

Thank you to Doug & Phyllis DeRousie for being so accommodating to birders.


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