Cache Creek, Merrit, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos, Grand Forks

I live in Delta BC, and had been recovering from a difficult operation past few months. Now fit enough to carry a long lens, was planning to visit somewhere within driving distance for a few days of birding.

Was advised about considering south Okanagan regions. Checking this board I can see folks have seen some rare birds at different locations in the past few weeks.

Am looking to plan a few spots I might visit during my stay, and am seeking advice from anyone familiar.

If there are birders there who go out regularly and who might not mind me joining up, or if there are planned field trips organized by local birders, appreciate a response, advice or pointing me to the right direction.

Many thanks
Tony Mitra
(604) 649 7535
Hi Tony,

Since many of the Southern Okanagan Specialties have flown south at this time I would focus on the Central and North Okanagan, going to Vernon and Kelowna.

Here are two site guides you might find helpful: ... vernon.php ... elowna.php

Birding trips are also organized with the local Naturalist club on Thursdays and some Saturdays:

Also, I highly recommend this Okanagan birding guide it's only 4$ and invaluable. ... /113-Books

Many thanks again Mel. Took note of the links and am now planning to follow suit.

One question, regarding the book Okanagan Valley Birding Trail Guide - if I order it on line, it looks like its going to be physically mailed to me, which would be too late for this trip.

So, is the book available somewhere in Okanagan area where I could pay and pick it up ?

Thanks for yr help

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