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I just saw a northern goshawk outside my home here in Naramata yesterday. According to the checklist of Okanagan Valley birds, they are listed as uncommon all year, with no variation in abundance at any particular time of year.

Janna Leslie
By ragsnoldiron
December 15, 2012 and we have a juvenile Northern Goshawk here hunting quail at the house. We see Goshawk now and then throughout the year passing through the gulley below the south side of the house. Today we had one hunting from the oak tree at the east entrance to our home as the quail congregate not to far out eating corn we put out for them. We watched it for at least twenty minutes while it waited for the quail to funnel in to its flight zone (from oak to a/corridor between mountain ash and maple b/ corridor between mountain ash and log house). We have many Cooper's hawks all year round and other types too, but these ones are amazing to watch fly through our trees and under the kiwi-covered clothesline catching corralled quail. It is about this time that the bobcat also shows up to eat the corn fed quail too, but it tends to sleep across the gulley by the neighbour's house and just feed at our place.
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Nice shot John!