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Today, with the Okanagan Naturalist Club, I spotted two very late Yellow-headed Blackbirds amongst the hoard of Red-winded and Brewer's Blackbird in Rutland.

Earlier this morning, we spotted the Blue Jay for the third day in a row near our house!
( See picture on BC Rare Bird )

Then, to top it off, ( after the naturalists went their separate ways ), a birder saw a Snowy Owl perched on the bridge across from the City Park! I had to dash down to the waterfront to see it, and I did. I hear the Snowy Owls are common down in the Lower Mainland, but not here! All in all, a great day of birding. :D

LoganLalonde wrote: Any time you get, come out here in the Okanagan!
I went to the Okanagan on a birding trip this past Summer, and it is definitely a place I'd like to visit again! :)
We have spotted many interesting birds at our house including six species of Flycatchers and at least seven birds of prey. In total, I have spotted 75 species alone in our backyard.
The reason being, is that our house is situated on a hill with diverse habitats all around.

Good talking to you!

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Nice shot John!