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By Nigel
We have had Barn Swallows nesting on and off around the house for about 20 years. Their favorite place is above the front door so I built a small platform a couple of meters off to the side and they have been using that for the last few years. This year the two young fledged almost a couple of weeks ago. A few days later the fledglings reappeared and now they settle into the nest every night while mum & dad roost above the front door. Is this normal behavior?
Or like us, are they are having trouble kicking the kids out of the house.
By Nonnobissolum
I think it is pretty normal. The Barn Swallows must have it good at your place or they wouldn't nest there. Birds are probably like people in that they feel safer and more comfortable in places they are familiar with and call home.

We know birds are very loyal to geographic locations when conditions suit them there. The young birds are probably still not very strong fliers, and they probably will stick around the nest for a while hoping to keep getting fed. They are probably following the parents around learning how to find prey and gaining strength for their southward migration which is already underway.

Your birds may even be gone now.

Cheers, Max
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