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I live in Blind Bay BC and for the last 3 days I have seen No Birds except Canada Geese and Crows.
I called the Nature Society in Sorrento just 15km west and asked if they see any birds and the lady went outside and saw no birds.

Why would all the small birds be gone ?
By Nonnobissolum
That is a very big question and it has many possible answers.

This could be a normal part of natural cycles in that area, but I don't know this place personally. Many if not most birds have finished breeding for this year and are starting to make their way south or to winter feeding areas.

It may also point to some kind of problem but I think this is much less likely. The birders who have observed this area over a long period of time will have a better answer no doubt.

Generally there are fewer birds in the BC interior in winter and many areas will go quiet. There could also actually be quite a few birds there but they are busy trying to feed and stay inconspicuous.

Cheers, Max

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