Revelstoke, Trail, Nelson, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Kootenays
By birdergirl
Craig Sandvig found two Ovenbirds today at Mel Deanna for the Castlegar Spring Count.

He says "I was in the dense larch stand right before the steep little hill before the ponds when I heard a song that peaked my interest: teacher-teacher-teacher. I waited for a few minutes to pinpoint where it was, but it was well concealed. I played it's song and it immediately came to investigate. It circled my area for quite some time, making it very difficult to get a picture. Eventually it posed for a minute in a shrub and to my great surprise a second Ovenbird flew in! Incredible! I wasn't able to get a picture of both, but I did get a satisfying shot of one. This was at 0730 today."

Fantastic find!


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