Revelstoke, Trail, Nelson, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Kootenays
Just had a singing male Yellow-breasted Chat here in Revelstoke! It was at the old banding station at Machete Island. Not initially found by me, but I refound the bird this evening. It is a truly stunning male. This is the second record ever for Revelstoke, the first being a cameo appearance of a male last June at the exact same spot. :) Awesome birding in Revy so far; tons and tons of American Redstarts, hundreds of Red-eyed Vireos, a Clay-colored Sparrow, 2 Alder Flycatchers, and 1 Tennessee Warbler just to name a few. :D Revelstoke is very under-birded, so if you have the chance to get there, birding is excellent. You can PM me if you wish for some information about birding there.

Have a great week, everyone! :P


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