Revelstoke, Trail, Nelson, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Kootenays
Thanks, Melissa! I'm so stoked! Adult seen soaring for 30 seconds over Machete Island Road, and then made a beeline southward. It was right near where Machete Island Road turns into the open grassland before Machete Island itself.

Broad-winged Hawk adult

That's really awesome! I have been wanting to see a Broad-winged Hawk for a while. I saw a swirling kettle of migrating buteos in Costa Rica in April 2014, but though I'm 99% sure that they were Broad-wingeds, they were too distant to give a definite ID. I was actually hoping that someone would find on in Kelowna while I was there! :lol: But it isn't too likely. But, as we have just seen, you never know! :P Glad you found one in Revelstoke, Logan! :D

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Alright, thank you very much for your expertise!

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