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This was at Sechelt Pier on Wednesday Last. I just noticed that the bird is trailing a couple of feet of nylon rope which appears to be wrapped around its right humerus! The bird could swim and catch fish with little or no difficulty but I did not see it fly!

Is this the sort of thing that should be reported? How would they even catch it since it's so mobile?

ImagePelagic Cormorant Injured1 by BirderBert, on Flickr

other end of rope can be seen behind wing
ImagePelagic Cormorant Injured2 by BirderBert, on Flickr
Poor bird :(.

Not much you can do in a situation like this Bert reporting it after the fact to a wildlife rescue association is still good in case the bird gets sicker and stays around the are. But yes sadly little can be done for this bird in situations like this.

It just should teach us to stop throwing our trash and lines in the oceans.


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