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Last summer, I had the pleasure to take around Stanley Park and Maplewood, a father and son from Boston. The son is a very keen birder and when he returned to Boston, he thought about what he could do, as a 12 year old, to conserve Blue-footed Boobies. A local tv station picked up his conservation ideas and featured him and his younger brother in a brief news clip. If you're interested, here is the clip from the tv station: ... /481925451


Quentin Brown
Fabulous thanks for sharing Quentin. If only some adults had the dedication and initiative this young boy does. I bought a pair of those socks to support him. His website is here if you buy a pair of socks you help save blue-footed boobies. Plus you get a really styling' pair of socks ;). His parents must be so proud. Young Birders all around the world are inspiring us all and changing our world for the better.


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