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Hi All,

Since my work contract ends in late June I find myself needing something to do during July. I would like to do some conservation/nature related volunteering, banding or otherwise (need not be bird related).

I would ideally like to volunteer for at least a week, probably two weeks (maybe three). I am in the Victoria area, but it would be nice to volunteer in another part of the province. Ideally there would be a place for me to pitch my tent as I would rather not pay for a hotel/B&B.

I am looking into the banding stations belonging to the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN). I am also looking into the volunteer warden program with CETUS. I am open to almost all field-based volunteer opportunities. Other than CMMN banding stations and CETUS does anyone on the board know of conservation or 'nature' related volunteer opportunities in BC?

Victoria, BC

PS - Not sure if the following is relevant but... I have my BSc (biology), and have done all sorts of field work. I have done Hooded Warbler work (nest searching, colour banding, chick banding) and jointly operated a MAPS station in Oregon.
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that station in July is only doing MAPS banding and so only opens their nets once every 10 days. And while there is nothing wrong with Richmond I not interested in volunteering in the city. I will keep looking. The warden program with CETUS up in Johnston Straight looks interesting.


Hi Christina,

I don't know if you've come across the Tatlayoko Lake Bird Observatory run by Nature Conservancy of Canada but I spent a little time there last summer and had a blast. Great people and great birds....and an absolutely beautiful spot. Here's the link: ... e&id=12537

They have nets open daily in August and September. The annual report for 2010 is well done and shows a lot about what you can expect. Click on get involved to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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