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In regards to the owl at Maplewood, the species is seen every year on the north shore and Maplewood is a big enough place that even I (a Maplewood local) couldn't locate it yesterday morning with the info i had.
The bird only becomes problematic when people venture off the trail and into the fields looking for it as happened a few years ago, to those people i say stay on the fricking trail, it's a conservation area.

I for one appreciate the sighting being reported, if not here, then where? or should all pics be kept private at all times?
just curious :)
For anyone who missed the owls at Cypress when they were seen at the top of the Bowen Lookout trail. Recently more have been spotted there. As these owls live in the park year around it's a reliable spot for them in the Vancouver area.

I know some people were not physically able to walk up the hill to the bowen lookout and today they were spotted around Yew Lake not too far from the Parking lot and it is a flat walking trail.

There are two present at the moment and I hope those who were not able to see them due to walking difficulties before will now have a chance. The weekend should be sunny so good luck!

All the best
For anyone who wants to go up the mountain to see the owls here is a little update on the road condition and trail condition as of today.

My friend went up today at 10 am and he said there was some slush at the top of the road up but the trail was in good condition still.

He found one pygmy owl off the yew lake trail actively hunting.

Good luck guys!
I was there a couple of weeks ago, leading some friends on a mild hike. Didn't take a single photo.

However, at that time Yew Lake was mostly frozen over. The ice was about 2 inches thick. So don't expect Dippers to be present. They are at lower elevations. You will likely find them in streams where Salmon have spawned. They love Salmon eggs.
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