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By Birder2000
Mel, John Reynolds and I just had a gorgeous adult Tundra Swan with Trumpeter Swans along Ladner Trunk Road between 96th and 104th street.
By birdergirl
Here is a photo John Reynolds got of the Tundra Swan we saw today.

He was out front of the small group of Trumpeters clearly smaller than the bigger swans and a lot of yellow on the bill. They will be moving along by the end of the month so if anyone wants to still see them best to go soon.

*Photo used with permission*

Is this a herring gull?

I sure have a lot to learn.

Yes, gulls are challenging to ID. Thanks.

Is this a glaucous-winged gull?

This appears to be a Mew Gull. -seems more comp[…]

Thanks. I just lucked out when my son put on a 50t[…]