Greater Vancouver, Lower Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, Hope, Lytton, Whistler, Squamish, Powell River, Howe Sound
The Vancouver Avian Research Centre is excited to announce a NEW Bird Identification Workshop for fall 2017!

This new workshop will build on VARC’s present, highly popular workshop by adding four further field trips on the following four subsequent weekends. These field trips will be led by Yousif Attia and Jason Jones, two locally recognized bird ID experts who will help participants build on the skills they have learned during the initial weekend course.

The workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate birders who may wish to participate in citizen science programs like the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) or who just want to take their bird knowledge and identification skills to the next level. But with Yousif and Jason leading the ongoing field trips, identification of the more difficult groups such as shorebirds, raptors and gulls will also be tackled for more advanced birders!

The course will cover groups, topography, field marks, song, habitat, molt, ageing and more and includes a guided field session to the Colony Farm banding station. Although developed for beginner and intermediate birders the ornithological aspects of the course and ongoing field trips will benefit even the most experienced birders and the workshop is invaluable for birders traveling overseas.

Fall offers a great learning experience in the lower mainland with birds in tricky juvenal, formative and basic plumages so we hope that the fall course will be worth waiting for!

Full details of the workshop schedule, content and registration information can be found online at:

Please forward on your social networks to anyone who may be interested - Thanks!

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