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VARC Fall Blog!

Posted: Nov 07 3:19 pm
by derekjmatthews
Hi Birders and Banders,

I’ve just uploaded the VARC fall blog with all the activity from a busy period of monitoring and banding at Colony Farm.

We had an influx of sparrows (including Red Fox and White-throated Sparrows) with large numbers moving through the park, so this blog is definitely the sparrow blog with a photo essay on tricky sparrow identification in the late summer, separating juvenile Swamp and Song and Swamp and Lincoln’s Sparrows and information on tricky molt and aging of Zonotrichia sparrows.

Happy fall and winter birding and banding!

Derek Matthews
Vancouver Avian Research Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Re: VARC Fall Blog!

Posted: Nov 16 7:10 pm
by Neil V
Great read, thank you for sharing!

Re: VARC Fall Blog!

Posted: Nov 18 1:26 pm
by tonymitra
Very nice.