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Went for a drive around Sumas Prairie yesterday afternoon and came across this flashy white flock of birds. I counted 7 of them. Once they landed in front of me I noticed they were Snow Buntings.
Corner of Campbell Road and Dixon and about half way down Dixon on the right. I also found 2 Western Meadowlarks, 2 Kestrels, 1 Red tailed Hawk, 3 Bald Eagles, Female Northern Harrier all on the same road. I did not see the Gyrfalcon.

For anyone on here that knows me, Im usually an Owl guy. For me to see these was way out of my element but it was fun to see the Snow Buntings. First time for me

ImageSnow Buntings in the Snow/Ice by Anthony Bucci, on Flickr
ImageSnow Buntings by Anthony Bucci, on Flickr

Happy New Year !!
By revs
Dude, i was impressed by those bunting shots :)

Great to run into you at Maplewood earlier in Dec as well, always nice to put a face to a name, and thanks for pointing out that certain bird :wink:
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