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By VAGAbond
Some folks may not know how urbanized the snow geese have become in Richmond. Attached are a few random shots of a small group at the corner of Granville and Railway earlier today. Note the couple walking on a path crowded with geese. When taking these shots with a cell phone, I approached to within less than 2m without the birds taking offence.

ImageUrban Snow Geese by brian avent, on Flickr

ImageSnow geese in Richmond by brian avent, on Flickr

ImageSnow geese in Richmond by brian avent, on Flickr

ImageSnow Geese at ease by brian avent, on Flickr
By VAGAbond
I have seen a couple blue-phase birds earlier this winter out at Iona. There is a possible immature blue-phase bird in the first picture above, crossing the sidewalk and facing away on the far side of the paved trail in the foreground. I noticed that bird but didn't take a really close look. It is darker than the usual immature bird but not quite as dark as I would expect for a blue-phase. I have seen some immature white-fronted geese mixed with the snow geese other years and at first glance assumed blue-phase.
By VAGAbond
It is hard to recommend where to go. I drove to the Terra Nova parking and photographed the flock in the most recent pictures on the way, turned around without stopping and drove back. The entire flock had moved on and was gone in the two minutes or so it took me to turn around. Typically if you look in the parks and school grounds around Terra Nova you should find them. I saw a very dark adult Blue Goose with one of the flocks a couple of weeks ago.

There are often flocks at Iona but it is harder to get close, partly because of the terrain but also because they do not seem as accustomed to people as the ones in urban Richmond. They are hunted by First Nations across the river from Iona and that will result in them being more wary.

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