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Friends of Brydon Lagoon especially those who can attend might want to raise objections (or not) to the idea of an observation deck in the middle of the pond (goodbye mergansers and buffleheads) as well as children's playground (goodbye birdsong) Personally I things are just fine there and the best thing is to do little more than leave it to the birds.
Please forward this link to anyone who may be interested and if you can attend make your voice known.

An excerpt from the Langley Advance News

"Next Wednesday, March 4th, Langley City residents will have another opportunity to shape the future development of the Nicomekl River District.

Scheduled to run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Nicomekl School multi-purpose room, at 20050 53rd Ave., the event will see City staff present a “draft concept” of a plan that would create a four-zone district along both sides of the Nicomekl River corridor between 196th Street and 208th Street.

Zones would include the “Garden Wild” on the western end, which would see the area around Brydon Lagoon kept as natural as possible, the “Living Room” for residential development, the “Library,” where educational and interpretive programs would operate, and the “Front Porch,” on the eastern end, which would aim to encourage use of the corridor trails and other amenities"

The full article ... -district/

John Gordon
Oh no! This is awful news. They have already over-groomed Brydon what with taking out the trees and shrubs (habitat for song birds) and redesigning the duck feeding area to encourage kids to chase the ducks. If this proposed plan goes ahead there will be even more screaming toddlers running around. (Note: I really do like children and encourage them to experience nature in a respectful way that does not stress the birds and it’s the parents job to supervise them (end of rant)!)
Brydon Lagoon is my favourite birding area; in fact I’m heading there this morning. I am not a resident of Langley though and it seems, according to the article, that you have to be a resident in order to voice an opinion. I will spread the word to anyone who will listen and especially to those I know to live in Langley.
Thank you for posting this article.
I am not too sure if you have to be a City of Langley taxpayer to attend. I am going anyway and I live in Cloverdale, that won't stop me listening and giving my point of view.
On a positive note the city is placing a few more logs for the birds to roost on at night, as some have become waterlogged.
I am sure clearer heads will prevail and we can all get back to birding.

John Gordon
A well attended open house at Nicomekl School Weds evening brought a huge sigh of relief to the many who attended. Plans for a children's playground and walkway into the pond have been dropped. That's great news for the birds, nature lovers and birders who visit from around the Lower Mainland. There is talk of an observation tower near the car park overlooking but not intruding on the floodplain retention pond, a good place to see Wilson's Snipe and Virginia Rail. Personally I think that might add to overall birding experience.
I am sure there will be more information forthcoming in the local media. Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting.
John Gordon :
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