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By khoitsema
Hi birders! I’m super new to the community, and I am looking for good locations to go watch birds with my son. I see Portage Inlet listed under the hotspots, but I was wondering if you have any specific recommendations - Portage Inlet is quite large. I see on google maps there’s an area called Portage Inlet Linear Park that is parallel with the highway - would this be a good starting point? Thanks so much!
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By BirdingBC
Portage Inlet in Victoria is a decent spot for wintering dabbling ducks and bay ducks (a good group of species to start with for beginner birders). At most locations around the inlet you can find mallards, american wigeons (and possible eurasion wigeon), green-winged teal, bufflehead, canada geese, double-crested cormorant, greater / lesser scaup, pintails, and merganser. Most locations should be pretty good. ... &yr=all&m=

For birding, I prefer the spots that are away from the highway or major roads because of traffic noise polution however, Portage Inlet Linear Park does have the best vantage point to see most of the the inlet so you will see where the ducks are.

Some other good spots include:
Helmcken Centennial Park, View Royal Park, Portage Park, Cuthbert Holmes Park, Christie Pt (Craigflower Rd) that juts into the inlet, Esquimalt Gorge Park, Gorge Park North/Saanich Gorge Park, Curtis Pt. Park.

Cheers and good birding,
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