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Hi guys I am having a young birder field trip on Saturday April 23rd at Reifel.

Please meet at 9am at the entrance gates. The location is 5191 Robertson Rd in Delta.

The admission price for kids up to 14 years old is 3$. For youth over 14 the price is 5$.

Please bring your entrance fee and a bagged lunch, water, bins, hat and camera.

The Canadian Wildlife Service will also do a presentation for us on Bird Studies Canada's Window Collision Project in the adjacent museum!

Email me or pm if you have any questions:


I actually volunteer for the Vancouver Window Collision Project with Bird Studies Canada. The research that they are doing is very interesting because studies on bird mortality due to window strikes have been done mainly in Eastern North America. It is estimated that over 42 million birds die from window collisions each year based on the data in Eastern North America alone. It's quite an honour to take part in gathering data for this project because by gathering information, Bird Studies Canada can determine if windows are indeed a threat to our beloved migratory songbirds.

I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't signed up already to sign up for this wonderful event that Mel is organizing to learn more about the threats that migratory songbirds face and how to take action so that they are better protected in the future.
Just a reminder to the kids signed up for our field trip on Sat. See you at 9am at the entrance gates and we will bird until our talk at 11 am and then continue birding after don't forget your admission fee, lunch, bins, water and camera!

Look forward to seeing you guys!

Thanks to all the kids that came out today. I had lots of fun with you all and thanks to Krista de Groot from The Canadian Wildlife Service for giving us the informative window strike talk and to Kathleen Fry for letting us use the museum.

We saw great birds today (especially the Redheads) with great company and nice weather!

I look forward to our next trip in Merritt!

Thanks for organizing this Mel and for the idea Josh

The window strike talk was great and so was the room we were in with the many taxidermied birds.

Here are some of my pictures I had from today...

A bull frog from when we went into the wrong parking lot in Serpentine Fen

The Greater white-fronted goose that we also saw in Serpentine Fen

And one of the many rabbit that was hopping around
Glad you kids had fun was my pleasure and nice photos Ian! Congrats on your new lens it rocks!

I love that Goose and bullfrog shot!

Cole very cool shot of all the kids!

Josh thanks for the idea for this particular trip. Thanks for all the input you guys give me please keep your trip choices coming.

Here are some photos I took of some of you guys while feeding the birds and looking for bitterns.




I also have lots of these window strike pamphlets from FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) and buttons of the city bird the Peregrine Falcon for the upcoming Vancouver Bird Week if any kid wants one just send me an email or pm


Thank you, Mel, for putting this event together, and everyone for coming! My favourite birds were the Redheads, Cinnamon Teals, Greater White-fronted Geese, and of course the cranes.

Some of my photos from yesterday:
ImageSandhill Crane by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageGreater White-fronted Goose by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageCinnamon Teals by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageCackling Goose by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr
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