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Hi Folks!

WildResearch is seeking volunteers to survey for Common Poorwills and Common Nighthawks across BC. Due to their nocturnal habits, little is known about nightjars in Canada, and there is concern that their populations are in decline. Two nightjar species are already listed as Threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act. Sign up for a survey route to help us learn more and conserve these unique species!

Signing up for a WildResearch Nightjar Survey route will require approximately two to three hours of surveying and one hour of data entry. Each route is a series of 12 road-side stops and needs to be surveyed once per year from mid June to mid July. Anyone with a vehicle and good hearing is capable of conducting a WildResearch Nightjar Survey!

To sign up for a survey route, check out the available routes in your area at Learn more about the program and find the survey protocol at Email for more information or comment here!

Happy Nightjar-ing!
Paul Preston
BC Regional Coordinator
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