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Hi Birders,

A quick technical note that I have upgraded the Birding Forums here to the latest version.

New Features:

EMOJI Keyboard support: 🦅🐦🐤🐧🦃🦆🦉🦢
--If you have Google Chrome, right-click to add emojis.

ReCaptcha for User Registration
--helps to reduce spambot registrations

Improved Quotes

Easy Updates (helps in future maintenance)


Please let me know if you encounter any issues or errors.
Post upgrade, I had some issue with New User Registration. One thing messing it up is Ad Blockers. Make sure you disable your ad blocker when trying to create a new account.

Email should be valid as you are sent and email to activate your registration.
Password needs to be 6 characters or longer, lowercase/UPPERCASE, and contain numbers 28374.

If you are trying to register and are still blocked, please message me:


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