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By BirdingBC
This website currently supports YouTube videos

To post a video, you will need the URL (YouTube page link) for the video. Simply browse to that page and copy the URL from your web browser's address bar and paste it into your posting.

eg: ... annel_page

Next, you need to wrap the link with the [youtube.] tag. Select the link you pasted into the posting and click on the youtube button above


When you preview or submit your posting, the embedded YouTube video should work.

Post Only Videos You Own or Have Permission To Use.

We need to be mindful on posting videos that we do not own. Each videographer on the Internet has different requirements IF they allow reposting of their videos else ware.

To avoid any copyright issues or disputes, I recommend simply providing links to copyright protected videos rather then including them here. The general rule is "If you don't own it or don't have clearance to use it, please don't post it."

Adding Public Domain video from YouTube is OK.
Good point on embedding videos that aren't your own, I think that generally the rules of academia should apply everywhere on the internet as responsible ethics. If it's not your media then post a link to the artist's own host, if it's not your argument, cite your source... etc, etc...

Question, is [youtube] now a formal tag in BBCode or is that something you've just added here? I've never seen that before (which I guess only means no ones told me about it before).

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