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By picapica
haven't been on here for ages (most of feb in australia for the first time!!!).
Blackie Spit has been fabulous this past week or two: last monday - first day out in about two years WITHOUT my camera! - there were three godwits as well as the curlew, in the beautiful afternoon light. i was distraught not to be able to capture them. since then i have seen one and yesterday two godwits over there, but never the three again! yesterday there were 2 godwits, these 3 black oystercatchers, and this cute, lone little black brant goose (at least that is what my ID skills tell me??)

ImageIMG_5314 (Edited) by Jill Mellon, on Flickr

ImageIMG_5296 (Edited) by Jill Mellon, on Flickr

ImageIMG_5278 by Jill Mellon, on Flickr

ImageIMG_5289 (Edited) by Jill Mellon, on Flickr
Lovely shots Jill. I love Blackie Spit. What time of day did you catch the Oystercatchers?

It has been raining so much that I haven't been out there lately, but I actually went yesterday late afternoon. I spotted an Anna's humming bird in the trees (looked like a dead leaf at first - lol). Took lots of shots of him - even tho he was pretty far away.
sorry, I have been back a few times. next time there were 5 oystercatchers and in the same spot (just up from where the dogs swim) and the wee goose still there too.
there were also 2 godwits over the back too. CLOUDS of shorebirds on two occasions - dunlin is my guess? but far over by the farm.
my best time has been around 5pm - I drop in on the way home from work!
it's a nice way to relax after work for sure.
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